Lawn Mower Deck Repair If your lawn mower deck is not performing up to par then it may be time to consider doing some deck repair. This job can be fairly simple and inexpensive, depending on the extent of the damage. This article will discuss the steps involved in doing a deck repair on a lawn mower. Tools and Materials Needed:

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• Safety goggles • Work gloves • Torque wrench • Putty knife • Deck screws • Deck sealant • Hammer • Deck plates • Deck washer • Steel wool • Wrench set Instructions:

1. Unplug the lawn mower from the power outlet and remove any debris or dirt from the lawn mower.

2. Loosen the deck screws and take off the deck housing in order to inspect the damage.

3. Inspect the underside of the deck for corrosion or rust. Use a putty knife or steel wool to scrape away any corrosion.

4. If there is a hole or damage to the underside of the deck you will need to replace the effected part. Make sure the new part is the same size and shape as the original.

5. Reattach the deck plates, washer and deck screws with the wrench set. Make sure everything is snug but not over-tightened.

6. Take the deck sealant and spread it across the entire area. This will protect the underside from rust or corrosion.

7. Allow the sealant to dry before using the lawn mower again. Conclusion Deck repair on your lawn mower is a fairly simple process that can help keep your mower running smoothly for years.

With a few simple tools and some patience you can make sure your lawn looks beautifully manicured!

I recently had my lawn mower deck serviced at Mobile Small Engine Repairs in Denver, CO and I was highly impressed with the quality of work!
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